Creating Free Parliamentary Debate in Three Steps: Education, Club Formation, and Competition

I. Education

Urban Parli provides free parliamentary debate education to low-income students in Oakland, California. Instruction is provided by top coaches from the Club Parli ecosystem. The goal is to introduce the debate format, expose students to parli's awesome qualities, get the students practicing, and then encourage them to embrace the activity and become debaters. Urban Parli will provide coaching free of charge. Urban Parli will cover tournament fees and provide debaters access to technology.

II. Club Formation

Most debaters who participate in the program will be from schools that do not have active debate programs and therefore do not have access to debate competitions no matter how bad the students may want to compete. Urban Parli will remedy this through the creation of debate programs at underserved schools (schools with more than 50% low-income students).

III. Competition

Here's where it will all come together. After the formation the plan is to get the debaters into action as soon as possible. Urban Parli teams will have opportunities to participate in the Pacific Coast Debate League along with tournaments on the national high school and middle school circuit.

We have an ambitious but very realistic vision. If we make debate better we make the world better.