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Urban Parli Debate is proud to announce the 2019 California Middle School Parliamentary Debating Championship. All tournament profits will go to support free debate instruction in Oakland public schools.

May 11-12, 2019

Bishop O’Dowd High School

9500 Stearns Avenue, Oakland, California

7 Prelims

1 Giant Trophy Could Be Yours



8-830AM Registration (Grazinni Hall)

830-9AM Judge Training

9-1030AM Round 1

1030AM-12PM Round 2

12-1PM - Lunch

1-230PM - Round 3

230-4PM - Round 4

4-530PM - Round 5


830-10AM - Round 6

10-1130AM - Round 7

1130AM-12PM - Awards & Breaks

12-130PM - Quarterfinals

130-3PM - Semifinals

3-430PM - Finals


Each school will be required to provide ONE JUDGE for every two entries or fraction thereof. Every uncovered entry will be charged a $175 judging fee.


The California Middle School Parliamentary Debating Championship is open to middle school debaters only. Every competing debater must be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.


$115 per team (please make checks payable to “Urban Parli Debate”).

Urban Parli Debate’s mission is to expand the reach of the activity. If the entry fee keeps eager debaters from competing, please contact us at


$175 per uncovered entry (please make checks payable to “Urban Parli Debate”).


Registration opens on March 13, 2019.

Each school has an initial cap of 4 teams. Additional entries will be waitlisted.


  1. You can use the internet to prep. No team prep. No coach prep. Partner prep only.

  2. Phones, computers, printed materials are all okay during prep time.

  3. Only handwritten notes prepped during the 20 minutes of prep time are allowed in the round. Use of pre-prepped materials or technology in rounds will results in a forfeit.

  4. Speech times are 7-8-8-8-4-5.

  5. No protected time.

  6. No new arguments in the final two speeches.

  7. No POIs allowed. Neg has 2 minutes of flex time after the PMC and 1 minute of flex time after the MGC. Aff has 2 minutes of flex time after the LOC and 1 minute of flex time after the MOC. Each side may use flex time for prep or asking questions.

  8. Points of Orders are allowed in the final two speeches to notify judges of new arguments.

  9. Phones may be used as timers.

  10. You must be in your room to debate at the scheduled time. There is no excuse for being late.


There is ample free parking on campus.


You don’t have to dress up for this tournament. You don’t have to be casual. Wear what you believe will help you debate to the best of your abilities.


Lunch for debaters on May 11 is included in the entry fee. However, please note that debaters will be required to remain on campus for the duration of the tournament. Debaters should bring additional sustenance to get them through the day. There are many water bottle refilling stations on campus.

Judges will be provided breakfast and lunch on May 11 and breakfast on May 12.

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